2016        Sculpture “Caulk Kept Its Bones Together” photographed for Mars Bar documentary
                         Currently in pre-production

2015        Photography in L.E.S. Festival of The Arts, New York, NY
                         (2) 8x10, (1) 5x7

2014        Commission
                          Sculptural horse twitch for equine veterinarian

                Photography in Shutter To Think, Albany, NY
                          (1) 11x14, sculptural frame
                          All contributors shooting with 35mm disposable cameras

2013        Commissioned writer for Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
                          Nature Rewired catalogue, artist Christiaan Zwanikken

                Voice-over for New York Botanical Garden
                          Audio component for the NYBG app
                          14 stops, approximately 4,200 words recorded
                Television Production
                          A&E, History Channel

2012        Voice-over for New York Botanical Garden
                          Audio component to the NYBG app, launched May 2012
                          18 stops, approximately 5,400 words recorded

2011        Commissioned writer for Christiaan Zwanikken
                          Press release for exhibit in conjunction with Convento screening, Margaret Meade 
                          Film Festival, American Museum of Natural History, NYC    

                 Photography installation in Pretty Vacant
                          (8) color 16x20 hung within wooden sculpture

                 Writer, Hobbies Odd Productions
                          Pitch book one-page, Save My Movie!, reality pilot    

                 Writer, FlyAwayFilmsNyc
                          The Documentary Channel acquisition of Mott Music
                                Programming synopses 

2010         Voice-over for Lords of Pain 
                          Animated short, Backseat Conceptions Productions 
                          Narrator, Satan 

                 Publicity writer for Convento, a documentary from FlyAwayFilmsNyc 
                          Festival:  festival website and publication synopses and copy (official selection in 
                          over fifteen domestic and international festivals, including SXSW, Edinburgh, 
                          Full Frame) 
                          Blog:       content
                          Print:      poster, postcard/flyer copy
2009         Voice-over for Process 
                          Trailer for episodic documentary, FlyAwayFilmsNyc 

                 Windcroft DVD released by Vanguard Cinema
                          Behind-the-scenes documentary
                          Production stills and poster art gallery

2009-        Windcroft official selection, nomination, and winner at domestic and                                   
2008          international film festivals:
                          Best Picture, Fright Night Film Festival
                          Best Director, Tenerife International Film Festival, Fright Night Film Festival
                          Best Cinematography, Salento Fear Fest
                          Best Actress, Salento Fear Fest, Fright Night Film Festival 

                 Writer, Wonder Warmers, Inc.
                          Two website advertisements
                                Each four-page scripts

2007         Co-Creator, Co-Writer of Video Graveyard
                          Web and television series pitch to Comedy Central
                          Short format and teleplay live action or animation

                 Co-Writer, Producer of the film Windcroft
                          High-Definition feature thriller
                          RT:  1:34

2001-        Film and Television Production
2008                  Feature, short film, documentary, reality, web
                                  First Assistant Director
                                  Second Assistant Director
                                  Set Dresser
                                  Production Assistant

1999        Acquisitions Officer for Troma Entertainment, Inc.
                          Compile and coordinate new films and libraries for distribution

1998        Tito, lead role in Citizen Toxie:  Toxic Avenger IV    imdb.com 
                          35mm feature, Troma Entertainment, Inc.

1995-       New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
1992                  Major in Acting, Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute

                          Minor in Cinema Studies, School of Cinema Studies
                                American and foreign 1950-present
                                Alfred Hitchcock complete studyhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0996556/shapeimage_1_link_0
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