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spiders where skin should be:  poetry for children


i have a little trunk.

it has a latch.

the latch keeps the things inside safe.

i just fed them their breakfast.

do you want to see?


there’s a house at the end of my street. 

an old lady with long white hair lives there.

she’s in a wheelchair and can’t go outside. 

she’s mean and never gives out halloween candy.

once there was a fire and firemen had to come and save her.

the people there now give out whole chocolate bars!


there’s a boy in my class.

he’s always snapping rubber bands.

once he hit my friend in the eye and she missed a week of school.

i was really sad and cried all the time.

when she was better we had a sleepover.

she has to wear a black thing on her eye.

in the morning we had cereal.

i like it so much.

we both do.

i’m not sure, but i think the boy’s family makes the milk. 


i know an old tree.

no one can see it but me.

it helps me.

i get lots of gold stars and sunshine stickers.

i stick them up all over the inside.


i love the baby geese near my house.

they’re so cute and fuzzy.

once a boy i was playing with threw a rock and made a big splash.

they were just swimming because it was so hot.

i know where he hides.

we have an old one in our basement.

he won.