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spiders where skin should be:  poetry for children


i have a little trunk.

it has a latch.

the latch keeps the things inside safe.

i just fed them their breakfast.

do you want to see?


there’s a house at the end of my street. 

an old lady with long white hair lives there.

she’s in a wheelchair and can’t go outside. 

she’s mean and never gives out halloween candy.

once there was a fire and firemen had to come and save her.

the people there now give out whole chocolate bars!


there’s a boy in my class.

he’s always snapping rubber bands.

once he hit my friend in the eye and she missed a week of school.

i was really sad and cried all the time.

when she was better we had a sleepover.

she has to wear a black thing on her eye.

in the morning we had cereal.

i’m not sure, but i think the boy’s family makes the milk. 


i know an old tree.

no one can see it but me.

it helps me.

i get lots of gold stars and sunshine stickers.

i stick them up all over the inside.


i love the baby geese near my house.

they’re so cute and fuzzy.

once a boy i was playing with threw a rock and made a big splash.

they were just swimming because it was so hot.

i know where he hides.

we have an old one in our basement.

he won.


why are you sitting in your dumb car?

it’s so pretty here and it’s been so rainy.

i have the perfect little place up here.

they made it just for me.

i can see you.


i was in the basement once and heard a metal scratching sound.

there was a poor bird stuck in the furnace pipe.

that’s not a very nice place for a bird.

his wing was bleeding.

i put a towel down for him.

he hopped out and flew off but he hit the wall.

he was probably really scared and i think his wing hurt.

i made a special box with air holes.

he was so light, like holding nothing.

i wanted him to get better, but he didn’t.

i was so sad because it wasn’t his fault.

i loved him so much that i started to draw him.

my markers are almost dry i draw him so much.

he flies all around my room.

he’s a northern flicker, i checked.

he has a red hat and a mustache.

one day, i’m going to help the flickers and all the other animals, too.

it’ll be so much better for them.


they told us at school to check our candy.

we have to smush it all first.

i don’t like mushed reese’s.

everybody’s talking about their costumes.

there are some girls who are going as a group.

they all have the same sneakers.

they’re like a club.

they aren’t very nice to the kids who don’t have those stupid sneakers.

one of them lives near my house.

me and my mom made my costume.

she did the sewing.

i did the glue.